12/4: Beyond Oneself: The Ethics and Psychology of Awe @ NYAS

How does the feeling of awe connect us with the depth of the human experience? Steve will ask a panel of experts — Prof. of religious studies and ethicist Lisa Sideris and psychologists Jennifer Stellar and Piercarlo Valdesolo — on December 4 at the New York Academy of Science.

From the panel description:

At its core, awe and wonder appear to be powerful emotions that can inform and shape our attitudes toward ourselves and others, especially in relation to the larger meaning and purpose of our lives. What are the psychological underpinnings of these universal emotions? How does awe, for example, relate to self-knowledge, and more generally to understanding the enigmatic contradictions of human nature? Is it possible to cultivate and develop this emotion as an ethical incentive in our relations with others? Are awe and wonder capable of awakening and engendering moral transformation? Does the emotion of awe lie at the root of the religious impulse in humans? And is there any room left for a sense of the miraculous in today’s increasingly scientific and secular world?

This event is part of the series, The Power of Wonder: Modern Marvels in the Age of Science.